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Dongya implemented an Information Management System with CAD/CAM work stations, attracting many highly sought after engineers and managerial personnel. Dongya has had numerous innovative projects listed in both national and provincial planning programs, five of which earned the second and third provincial prizes for science and technology in manufacturing. Now owning over 20 patents, Dongya’s “half-automatic triplex molding machine” was awarded The Second Award of Province Patent. Additionally, the company has worked in conjunction with well-known domestic engine enterprises in the development and modification of 13 items of the National Technology Standard and one item of the Piston Ring Industry Technology Standard. Furthermore, Dongya maintains close communications and facilitates technical exchanges with global industrial partners.  These combined efforts have contributed significantly toward the advancement of piston ring technology.

Technology exchange with the German piston ring producer
STIHL Germany  visited our production base.
JiaLing Honda inspected our QA system Technology exchange with piston ring manufacturing experts
from Russia and Byelorussia
Engine Bench Test LabFriction and Wear Test Lab