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Dongya utilizes first class smelting equipment and a scientific furnace management system, coupled with high quality raw materials to ensure a consistent chemical composition in each iron melt. Dongya’s fast and accurate ladle analysis system is the key to ensuring superior material properties. 

The automatic triplex moulding machine for piston rings produces a highly compact mould cavity with good gas permeability. This technology produces a near net shape casting with excellent stress distribution after final machining.  Our casting workshop is designed with lean manufacturing principles to meet large scale production demands across various models.  Dongya has the ability to develop and produce various materials, such as alloyed cast iron and nodular cast iron, to meet all material requirements for different engine types. Additionally, Dongya has the capability to produce materials to customized requirements. 

Left:Inductotherm Furnace(USA)         Right: Optical Emission Spectrometer(Switzerland)